About us

Integrative Health is based on two core beliefs:

1.Everything affects our health & well-being.

2.We should be open-minded to any proven healing or health promoting technique.

All factors that influence health & wellness are considered including mind, spirit & community, as well as the body. It makes appropriate use of both conventional & alternative methods to facilitate healing. It neither rejects conventional medicine not accepts alternative therapies uncritically. It blends the best of both worlds. Good medicine is based in good science and good science can be applied to anything. Additionally, integrative health recognizes the importance of the therapeutic relationship between the physician & the patient. Integrative Health physicians are expected to live an integrative health lifestyles themselves. Not surprisingly, both patients & physicians like the integrative health approach. Funders like it too as it is cost-effective. It is often called ‘smart medicine’, ‘medicine of the future’ or the ‘medicine of progressive thinkers’.

It is the type of medicine that I have always dreamed of practicing.

For more information, feel free to email me at ceppiemerry@me.com. 
With love,